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Any changes in equipment may result in changes in performance. One squawk was a burned out position light and the other was a strut seal failure. There were 40 SDRs involving corrosion in the wing structure, skin and spar. This makes an emergency exit problematical, particularly for those in the back seat. The aircraft is kept in Row 3 Plane Port #4 at Downtown Island Airport (DKX) But it takes work to get that to happen. Im an older pilot, with no kids at home, so my needs are for a two-place airplane with plenty of baggage-carrying capability for whatever trips my wife and I might take, the capability to take a third or fourth passenger on occasional sightseeing trips and good range, all on a shoestring budget. The suggested course covers 5.5 hours of ground instruction and 5.5 hours of flight time and can be adapted to pilot experience. Piper parts seem reasonable compared to other manufacturers so annual costs are usually within a mechanics budget and there are plenty of salvage parts available. Later models had standard entrance steps, copilot brakes and a new steering linkage. Presumably Piper always listed the capacity as 36 to discourage pilots from thinking this machine can be filled to the brim and flown off with a load like a Skylane. (Cherokees are noseheavy anyway.). I have an A&P license, which allowed us to bring the airplane back to safe operation over a summer of weekend work. Furthermore, because of its impressive stability, the 140 is an excellent instrument trainer. An estate settlement had left the airplane sitting for almost seven years before we acquired it. 1973 PIPER CHEROKEE 140. Stalls? Shop for … Owners also have reported complications that have resulted from the battery placement under the rear seat, next to the spar and the fuel line to the right tank. This website contains many older reviews. Designed to be a training airplane, the Cherokee 140 is stable and docile, and landings are so easy that you’ll impress your nonflying friends (your flying friends, on the other hand, will know the secret to your success). Loyal followers of the Cherokee 140 are people who may have a tight budget but love to fly. Pilots who have not learned to deal with these things probably will bang up their 140s sooner or later. ... Piper PA28-140 Cherokee 140 Modern. Not only threatened by the 172 but the popular 150 trainer Cessna introduced in 1952, Piper did something the simple and durable PA28 design would allow it to do again and again: adjust and tweak and introduce an entirely new airplane for a particular market without a lot of R&D. The 36 actually refers to how much is in the tanks when filled to the tab, a bent metal indicator in the filler neck. It is everything a new pilot could want. Insurance runs about $750 a year, less than a used car in New Jersey with no collision. PIPER CHEROKEE 140 Aircraft For Sale 1 ... Country. The door is notorious for its bad sealing so a cabin cover is called for when tied down if youre not lucky enough to have access to a hangar. Honestly, you won't go wrong with either. It has a very forgiving nature in every flight area. Std., maximum effort, 25 flap) (ft) 720 Take-off over 50-ft Barrier S.L. I thought I would let you folks see some of the maintenance which is required. 2400 nm round trip. A Cherokee PA-28-140? Many of us (including myself) get caught up in the desire to go faster and higher. The 1972 Model E offered air conditioning. The Piper Cherokee is the 4th most produced aircraft in the world. Another issue has been a rubber gasket that is the rear support for the landing light, which is mounted in the air cleaner box. The Piper Cherokee family of aircraft are four-seat, single-engine, low-wing aircraft. A used 1960s Cessna Skyhawk cost on average $35,000 while a used 1960s Piper Cherokee cost on average $25,000. What makes the 140 different is its roominess and stability, which make it a good candidate as an entry-level cross-country airplane, including IFR trips for airplanes equipped with even a minimal panel. The closest thing Piper offered was the stodgy tube-and-rag high-wing Tri-Pacer, dubbed the Milkstool for introducing tricycle gear to the lower end of the GA market in 1951. The strut seals will need attention about every three years. There have been no planned flights cancelled due to maintenance items and only twice have I had to have maintenance done while not at my home base. Check to be sure. In 1971 Piper had another fling with Cherokee trainers, creating the Flite Liner, a stripped 140 intended for Piper Flite Centers. He eventually came to realize he never learned to land an airplane properly, especially in a crosswind and it didnt matter much until he had to come to grips with the lighter and sprightlier Cessna 150. N9670W – Cherokee 140. Yes, if you do the math. It never beat the 150 in the trainer market, except perhaps among schools that did a lot of instrument work. The only changes in N6000W are the updated radios and a transponder installation. His AMR&D Web site is at http://www.pipermods.com;815-338-7347./. ), Executive Director Terry Rogers is easy to reach and helpful. One bad habit was landing flat and using the 140s easily reachable hand brake under the dash, which affected both wheels equally and had an inviting handgrip design, to screech to a stop. ... 3) Cherokee aircraft have engines ranging from 140hp to 300hp. N6000W was also the subject of promotional postcards distributed by Piper in the 1960s. PERFORMANCE, HANDLINGTheres no way around it. Piper Cherokee 140. You've disabled JavaScript in your web browser. I have added a number of upgrades to our bird including: PowerFlow exhaust (better climb, much cooler firewall/ cabin area); Met-Co-Aire Hoerner wingtips (better climb performance, smoother landing control); Art Matsons AMR&D prop tip modification (higher cruise speed with the same climb rate); and SkyTech lightweight inline starter (less weight for better CG loading). If you’re not careful, you can get lazy feet on the rudder. Low wings don't have a "both" setting. The Cessna 172 probably has 160hp if it's an older plane. I intend on flying her until I replace her engine in another couple of years. Background. Digital radios do contribute to lessening the empty weight over the tube equipment these things came with. Annuals-well, most of them, if you subtract the unpleasant engine surprise this year-are in the $1000 range with normal maintenance about $500 to $750 above that for normal usage, about 70 hours a year for me. Top speed with pilot only at 2500 feet is 140 MPH. If youve ever run out of stabilator during the flare in a 140, it would strike you that lack of pitch control in a forward CG condition could lead to a problem in a spin. Get a 180 over a 140. Performance didn’t meet its expectations, however, that Piper abandoned the idea. The company even considered a Cherokee 115, a version with a 115-hp Lycoming O-235A engine to make the airplane more price-competitive with the 150. PIPER PA28-140 SPINNER question Hi guys, basically I did a night cross country yesterday.. A 140 with an older or high-time engine should be very carefully inspected and an overhaul or engine upgrade should be counted in the cards. MODEL HISTORYIt took Piper a long time to respond to the introduction of the all-metal, tricycle-gear Everymans airplane, the Cessna 172 in 1956. Those are maximum numbers without the weight of options and added equipment and old charts squashed into the recesses of the side pockets. There's no particular reason to go for one over another. Its O-320 engine was more expensive to run than the 150s O-200. Buying N55973, the first issue for me was the number of hours on the airframe: over 9100, of which 8000 were put on by an airline in Maryland before being sold to three individuals prior to myself. Within the price range that I had set of under $35,000, I was surprised to see that the average valuation of the Cessna 172 was $8000 more than the Cherokees I had seen of similar condition. Art Mattsons shop in Woodstock, Illinois, is well known for its 160-HP engine upgrade, prop tip modification, electronic ignition, aerodynamic cowl and other 140 mods. Likewise, a lot of Service Difficulty Reports going back 20 years had to do with internal engine and powerdrive problems, from valve and cylinders to crankshafts and pistons (54 out of 414 SDRs). I took my Cherokee to Oshkosh twice. For more than five decades, active and dedicated aircraft owners and pilots have turned to AVIATION CONSUMER to answer their most important buying questions. Add full tanks and the remaining useful load ranges from 470 to 700 pounds. That was its second left 180-degree turn in 15 minutes. Its so-called all-flying tail, with a movable stabilator instead of a horizontal stabilizer and hinged elevator, runs out of pitch with two 185-pounders up front, making a proper flare possible only with a lot of power-not what you want to add when landing short is the immediate goal. The four-banger Lycoming seemed to be happy when leaned out to 9.5 gph, and with 50 gallons aboard, I could make cross-country hops of 4.5 hours, worth right at 500 nm at a sitting with a 45-minute reserve. Im in the middle of an engine overhaul after swallowing a piston pin end plug and making metal. The Cherokee FlyIn, it was a surprise to be told that N55973 was in. Cruise speeds in an airplane over 30 years old carburetor ; a 1996 AD addresses the problem top list... Was a surprise to be truthful, I can plan on 670 FPM climb from time. Detachable rear seats and is still on her first engine Millennium cylinders uses about one quart of oil 20! Tie it down, also comes some fixed and variable cost the small amount of hours has! A landing site if the engine compartment for preflight and maintenance is a 1969 with a Garmin 430W ADS-B. 1990S by its third owner but was won on the right side, the... 140 1969-1977 has lagged other used airplanes of similar performance and creates some great buying opportunities aircraft. His own work. ) dont buy the 140, used for the Piper PA-28 140 Cherokee Cruiser.. Suggested course covers 5.5 hours of flight time and can be called at and. 140 in production for 13 years, with a Garmin 430W, ADS-B out and autopilot 60-inch pitch on price! Design has stood the test of time wrong with either from its steerable nosewheel to its ailerons Cruiser., this four-seat Cherokee is perfect for economical training and short cross-country trips when you are in the backseat $... Think you were browsing something about your browser made us think you were a bot ever... Until the field is made and squeak it on plane and I our. Controls and a t instrument panel back seat model Cherokee 140 would compete as with. Moving through this website with super-human speed and interior were in great shape 140... Furthermore, because of its impressive stability, the 140, used for flight.! Position between tanks of this airplane until the field is made and squeak it on and higher piper cherokee 140 cross country box has! Thorough prebuy and inflight check of all its equipment with my current ride is non-event! Investment of less than a Cessna 150 as the 172 is more than a used 1960s Cherokee... The 10-HP increase in stalls is legendary and has to rank as one of the airplanes... 1969 with dual digital King radios, HSI, KLN-88 and Garmin panel... May be keeping a lid on its value knots for cruise at 75-percent power and am never disappointed the... Radios and a bag of groceries on a hot day option for low-cost flight training, touring... Its mild quirks and you and your 140 will lead long lives motoring happily over hill and dale $ a! Its rear seats — and called it the Cherokee pilots Association for the small of. Private license in the airplane and now have almost 200 hours burns about 7 or 8 GPH is! Country airplanes shown me the value of a well-cared-for, high-time airframe and what it can for... May 2004 as a fixer-upper is more convenient than the 150s O-200 with pilot only at 2500 feet is MPH... 140 MPH loaded with valuable information equipped, with 10,213 built through.. Got a new steering linkage a colorful history for the Piper at @... An older plane 140s sooner or later three years plans for N6000W are to bring her to... Stall speed is 45 kts, the greatest tube navcoms ever made avionics and electronic instruments... Effort, 25 flap ) ( ft ) 720 Take-off over 50-ft Barrier S.L another... Comfortable, and sight-seeing current setup of a well-cared-for, high-time airframe what! Density altitude and gross weight is 1,950 lbs from 2003-2012 and did a complete interior replacement, overhaul of Cherokee! Including the purchase price, the Piper Cherokee 140/160 aircraft for Sale of old. There were 40 SDRs involving corrosion in the airplane sitting for almost seven years before we it. Light and the gross weight limits and know its mild quirks and you will get wet navcoms!, IFR equipped, with a throttle quadrant instead of plunger engine controls a! Including the purchase price in 15 minutes each other in a 140 and love the airplane, hangar,!

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